20 November 2012

'Is There NO Democrat with Virtue
Who Will Decry this Madness?'

As you're most likely already aware, Greece imploded dramatically once they hit about 170% debt-to-GDP ratio. But what you may not know is that America is well on pace to dig 
a proportionally even deeper hole -and on a far greater scale. 

Alas, when we go belly-up, they'll be nobody big enough to bail us out- and you libs can kiss your beloved entitlements bye-bye forever.

The harsh reality comes via Doug Ross:

Suffice it to say that no country in history has ever survived a 195% debt-to-GDP ratio without devastating economic repercussions. 

Yet that is the course Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi -and the entire Democrat Party- have charted for America.

A letter from 232 multi-industry organizations, in conjunction with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is calling on President Obama and Congress to restructure the nation’s entitlement programs and put them on a path toward financial sustainability...

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