20 November 2012

Ollie North: Al Qaeda Now Engaged in Major Recruitment Drive, '10x Increase' in Activity Since Total US Humiliation at Benghazi

While discussing the total freaking mess that Barack Obama's leading-from-behind has helped to create for Israel in the Middle East, Colonel Oliver North explained to Hannity last night that Hamas' failed rocket offensive gambit was part of a larger
re-energizing of radical Islamists throughout the region... 

and it all started with Al Qaeda victory in Benghazi. 

US deterrence in the ME is now but a faint memory, and obviously having our ambassador raped/killed and consulate burned out with NO response was just chum in the water to these jihadi types.

Once we got our asses handed to us there, terrorists-the-world-over watched as our sniveling-worm-of-a-president lied his butt off and even fired top commanders, willing to go to any length just to hide the fact he led us to such a crushing defeat.

What lesson would anybody to draw from that?

"All of this goes back to things like Benghazi, because in the aftermath of this administration claiming all kinds of different things about the death of Bin Laden -and how terrorism was 'done'- the reality of it is that the propaganda arms of radical Islam -to include Al Qaeda- are out there saying 'The Americans are being driven out of Iraq, they're being driven out of Afghanistan, we've burned their missions, their diplomats are dead...and we can do it again'.

And the recruitment drive among the martyrs- the martyr messages that are going-out through these mosques and these propaganda organs- have increased ten-fold since Benghazi." 

"What they're advertising for right now are martyrs who will blow themselves up at American missions -not in the Middle East- 

but in other countries

For example, it's easy to get in and out of Venezuela, where we do have a diplomatic mission... if that kind of thing starts happening on a global scale -of going after our diplomats, our military bases, and our commercial interests- we're up a creek, buddy...