16 November 2012

Petraeus Scandal Betrays Deep Islamic Infiltration of the Obama Administration

Lebanese-born Jill (Khawam) Kelley -the Tampa socialite who sparked the e-mail investigation of General David Petraeus by reporting Paula Broadwell's catty threats- seems like trouble
right from the start...

The woman so socially intertwined with our military command is personally millions in debt, has a nutty, sociopathic liar for a twin sister (who was married to a former Bush Administration official, yet also $3M in debt, and knows John Kerry), kept in-touch with General Petraeus 'daily', arranged dozens of lavish parties for US military officers, and has exchanged over 20-30,000 'inappropriate' emails with the top US commander in Afghanistan, General Richard Allen.

But you haven't heard the half of itnow it looks like Jill Kelley wasn't just some flirty housewife, but a stealthy, calculating foreign agent representing Islamic states, interests, and organizations throughout the Middle East and particularly in -of course- Lebanon:

'Kelley was a self-appointed go-between for Central Command officers with Lebanese and other Middle Eastern officials.

At the parties Jill Kelley hosted at her Tampa mansion, guests were frequently treated to the indulgences of celebrity life: valet parking, string quartets on the lawn, premium cigars and champagne, and caviar-laden buffets. The main recipients of the largess were military brass -including some of the nation’s most senior commanders - based at nearby MacDill Air Force Base. Kelley flaunted her access to these military VIPs.

The investigations of Petraeus’s and Allen’s actions, nonetheless, have raised questions about how Kelley, a woman with no formal military role, cultivated such close ties to two of the nation’s most revered generals...

As an 'unpaid social liason', Kelley did not work for the government- what she did was basically arrange parties for top brass, many of which were held at the Kelleys' own $1.5M Tampa Bay mansion. She enjoyed a AF base pass, top-level military access, and had even gone sky-diving with Army commandos for fun. Kelley and her husband lived 'within a stone's throw' of MacDill AFB in Tampa, home to CentCom and where much of the country's top brass are to be found.

Bad enough that this woman was acting as go-between for the US and middle eastern Islamic leaders and organizations, but who was Jill Kelley actually representing? What was her precise motivation for creating a social structure that brought her so close to our military leadership?

We now hear that Muslim countries -such as Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon- saw Arabic-speaking Kelley as the 'go to' gal for Islamists looking to influence the US military. An officer who is a former member of Petraeus’s staff said Kelley was a 'self-appointed' go-between for Central Command officers with Lebanese and other Middle Eastern officials. Much of his staff found her frequent presence 'puzzling'.

Jill Kelly was also known to various middle eastern embassies, attended their parties in DC , and hosted foreign agents in Tampa as well. She arranged other social events for foreign powers in the Tampa area so as to gain them access to our top military commanders.

Interestingly, wackjob twin-sister Natalie Khawam's ex-husband -to whom she lost a bitter child-custody battle- is Grayson Wolfe, the same guy that dished out mucho dinero in Iraq while serving as 'Director of Broader Middle East Initiatives and Iraqi Reconstruction and Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer at the Export-Import Bank of the United States.'

Funny how the two sisters are so strongly drawn to men who have massive influence over US aid/military/foreign policy in the middle east... ain't it?

Is Jill Kelley a foreign agent of influence? Or a Hezbollah spy?

She sure knows a lot of people back in Lebanon... and recall that personal debt has laid behind the many of the most damaging espionage cases in history... just sayin'

UPDATE: Jill Kelley and her crazy sis also dined at the Obama White House twice this year...