16 November 2012

Mathematically-Challenged Silly People Voting Libertarian Cost the GOP Victory
in At Least NINE Congressional Races...

The good news comes via instapundit:

PEOPLE WILL LOVE THIS: Libertarians provided the margin for Democrats in at least nine elections. It’s particularly sad that libertarians didn’t back Mia Love. Really, you’re not going to vote for a candidate whose favorite economist is Bastiat? Apparently not.

So thanks Paulbot idiots- it all went-down just like we told you
it was going to.

Any independent or Libertarian candidate running on the right is as much an enemy to American conservatives as are the progs: in our two-party system these people have zero chance of achieving real power or accomplishing anything meaningful, and are about as relevant as the Whig Party.  

That is, unless you count 'handing elections to Democrats', where they get to throw a tantrum, be heard, and do damage to conservatives- why does anybody think Ron and Rand Paul ran as Republicans? Because they want to WIN and take power, 
not sit at home dreaming about it- that's why