15 November 2012

Machiavellian GOP Establishment Putz
Karl Rove 'Kept Santorum Alive Until He Could Kill Rick Perry First...
THEN Newt Gingrich'

GO AWAY already

It's over dude...

As you've most likely already heard, the TEA Party right has declared all-out war on Karl 'Boss Hogg' Rove in the wake of numerous recent (expen$ive) GOP disasters in which
'The Architect' played an inglorious starring role. The final straw was likely his lack of willingness to take responsibility for an almost complete lack of success in the 2012 election cycle, instead pointing fingers and making excuses like an Italian cruise ship captain.

Rove's flat-out whiffing in almost every race he backed -on top of improbable Romney defeat- would be enough for any sensible organization to seek-out somebody with a different strategy/skill-set... yet now Rove has provided still more reason to turn on him by attempting to blame the right for Mittens' lack of results while pushing an ill-conceived and unhelpful amnesty agenda as a shiny fool's gold cure-all for the party's current electoral woes.

As someone who initially backed Bachmann and later Newt Gingrich, I sure haven't forgotten the way Rove utilized near-limitless resources to destroy conservative candidates and ram Romney down our gullet. I really felt like I'd been totally screwed-over... not a very pleasant feeling.

Now we read that Santorum -who I'm no fan of- served effectively as a post-Iowa useful idiot that Rove utilized to damage all other conservatives, as he diluted and split the party's right by surrepticiously funding Santorum's dead-end campaign long past it's natural life. Not a huge surprise I guess, we all knew the fix was in... apparent from very early-on.

Thanks Ricky- do you even know you were played yet?

I ASK YOU who needs a duplicitous RINO scumbag like Karl Frickin' Rove manipulating our party- this gaming-the-primaries stuff is completely anti-democratic, denying the people's will (only 30% of Republicans supported Romney in the primaries- that's what you call 'collective wisdom'). 

Small wonder then that Rove got his blobular butt kicked all up-and-down the field on Election Day, and now the whole party is paying a heavy-duty price for it, not to mention the country (highlights Ed.)-
Business Insider:

Karl Rove was out raising money to keep Santorum alive until they could kill Newt 

Santorum basically ran for Governor of Iowa in 2011, visiting all 99 counties; 

Santorum, out of Iowa, had no organization, no money and no chance in 2012 to be the Republican nominee; he was only a stalking horse for Mitt Romney 

Rove kept Santorum alive until he could kill Rick Perry first, and then Newt Gingrich. It's instructive to note that Santorum placed 3rd in the South Carolina Presidential Primary the third week of January, and placed 3rd again the next week in Florida — yet Rove [by encouraging GOP donors to donate Santorum] was able to parlay two third place finishes into a $1M shot of money to keep Santorum alive...this is political gamesmanship on a whole other level, plus access to unlimited money

That Fox News and the The Wall Street Journal worked out a hefty financial contract with Karl Rove is of no concern to me, Karl has every right to be paid well and -like me- participate in the political process. 

But giving Karl Rove the perch as a neutral analyst and an unbiased observer -honest broker- when in reality Karl is driven by his desire to enhance his clients and/or personal interests -corrupts the process. 

But guess what? WE WILL WIN this war with Karl Rove and other ossified GOP failures over the next few months...
and we're going to have one helluva lot of fun doing it. 

Yes, the imminent death of the Karl Rove's diabolical RNC cabal will mean a true Reaganite renaissance in this country: you know... the long-overdue one who's time had unfortunately not yet quite come last week- but it is coming my friends, and soon.

How soon? It's already here for Rove- he wasted millions on crap results from coast-to-coast, and nobody's going to hire him for this sort of thing again- he can just sit there and bloviate on Hannity every night, 'blah blah blah CHART blah blah blah $$$ blah blah blah 'confident' blah blah blah blah blah' -yawn-

It's here for Obama's former crony-capitalist buddies on Wall Street, too- financial markets are tanking because most investors were sure that Romney was going to win, and since this was already priced-in to securities, now-disappointed traders are dumping in dismay... tell me they're not up for a Reaganomics-driven recovery right about now.

Yes, it's almost here for all of us: all we got to do is roll
Rollee-Pollee Rove to the curb and usher in a NEW generation of GOP leaders... the so-called 'Children of Reagan': the Rubios, Ryans, Gowdys, the Bachmanns... Ted Cruz... Mike Pence. THESE are people who get it- and because of that, they now stand ready to inherit the leadership mantle of the TEA Party
-which is to be indiscernible from the 'new' GOP- in our ongoing quest to salvage this great nation:

Rubio already has earned rock star quality, both for his personal charisma and the charisma of his ideas. 

Rubio is a leader in presenting prosperity-with-social-equity, fostering Reaganesque economic policies: 

'We don’t need new taxes. We need new taxpayers, people that are gainfully employed, making money and paying into the tax system. 

And then we need a government that has the discipline to take that additional revenue and use it to pay down the debt and never grow it again. And that’s what we should be focused on, and that’s what we’re not focused on.'

Rubio leads the pack among GOP Insiders in the most recent National Journal Political Insiders’ Poll. He’s built a major league team and is first tier..

First step? Replace John Boehner with -say- Paul Ryan...