07 November 2012

What's a Disheartened Clinger To Do?


Impeach Obama over Benghazigate: Daryl Issa will be more than happy to proceed further with investigations into what really happened in Libya (and why the president has been lying about it for weeks). With the election behind us, there's still a scandal brewing that rivals Watergatge: recall that Nixon also won re-election in '72, only to be brought down by his own tangled web of lies soon afterward, doncha know. A forced resignation within 12 months would be superb, and it shouldn't take long after that before Biden's locked-away in the rubber room, safely away from the levers of power.

Starve the beast: As American businesses continue to not hire people and US investment is stifled by confounding 'progressive' legislation and regulatory diktats, economic growth -and thus tax revenues- are weak and will likely worsen. Many will be surprised by the pending wave of layoffs, either government contractors who waited until after the election or hapless entrepreneurs and small business owners throwing-in-the-towel.

January 2013's gargantuan tax hikes will only make a bad economic situation catastrophic, and a government that already has the pedal-to-the-metal on spending is sure to feel fiscal pressure: those 'going Galt' -who avoid earning recorded income beyond taxable thresholds, wind-down/close regular businesses, exploit legal tax loopholes, and live as inexpensively as possible -off the IRS/Obamacare radar- will only be adding to that pressure.

Get gun license/weapons/ammo (+ shovel!) while u still can: hope for the best, prepare for the worst...with few restraints remaining, it's truly hard to say where all this 'progress' will end, but one thing for sure is they don't like you having guns.

Buy land, weapons, and hard assets/supplies... don't be afraid to purchase whatever you think you'll need, as the dollar may soon be worth squat anyway- or so implied the frantic gold futures traders buying like crazy last night (as the US$ tanked). Maintain a safe, plentiful home along with the means to defend it. Be prepared for economic/civic unrest, inevitable dollar collapse, street chaos, and/or extra-constitutional, politicized DHS crack-downs, searches, and (attempted) confiscations.

Develop the capability to grow/preserve as much of your own food as possible along with self-sufficiencies in water supplies, first aid, and mechanical/home repair. Savings might be safer in gold and/or other valuables than cash or the full-of-hot-air stock market. Consider developing bartering channels amongst friends and close acquaintances. Suddenly the guys building bunkers under their yard don't seem so crazy...

REAL conservatives must stage an immediate takeover of the Republican Party -fire Lance Priebus and that bunch- and replace John Boehner if he can't develop some spine real, real quick. Now that the moderates blew it, this party's future belongs to the Reaganite wing, so any not 100% with-the-program will need to be finding another line of work.

Allow nothing but absolute gridlock with Obama on any more of his out-there green/redistributionist crap: all must be resisted, NO compromise in Congress on anything. The House leadership must starve the beast as well, and DEMAND that the federal government work from a BUDGET (for the first time in years): from here-on-in spending must be accounted for, and the debt ceiling MUST NOT be raised one red cent: if the Republican Party is going continue to exist, it's going to have to refuse to have a hand in this inter-generational theft (and sellout to China) any longer.

Fight voter fraud- work to purge rolls and institute voter-ID laws in all 50 states, and the sooner we get started on that the better.

STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS: NOBODY can tell you what you can or cannot say, nor deny you the God-given right to defend yourself/family from tyranny- and that means with a firearm. It's in the Bill of Rights, and we conservatives must resist tooth-and-nail every effort to limit or restrain our internet freedom, public speech, or right to hold an opinion. The right to bear arms 
SHALL NOT be denied nor impinged, period.

And don't be surprised to see states like Texas and Arizona exercising their Tenth Amendment rights to the fullest, going to battle with this power-grabbing regime in the courts, while Gov Rick Perry will be talking of secession if things get out of hand- and you just know they will.

stop obama

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