19 December 2012

A Dark Tale from Gun-Controlled Canada
for 'Progressive' #Newtown Opportunists

Of course in the wake of the Newtown school-shooting massacre, we need to be 'more like Canada', and obviously the Framers never envisioned today's powerful weapons, huge magazines, nor advanced weapons technology that makes such gruesome crimes possible... right libs?

Robert Pickton
Got some bad news for you: not only are strict Canadian gun laws actually starting to be rolled-back... they certainly don't prevent crazy people from killing dozens of innocents if they're determined enough, and them crazy people can be very determined: Adam Lanza could have run-over a school bus stop with an SUV and took out the same number of kids, let's face it... just like Canadian pig farmer Robert Pickton didn't need guns to kill 49 women from 1995-2001, either: he simply strangled them, bled-dry the bodies, chopped 'em up in his own slaughterhouse, froze some of the remains, mixed a bit with pork he sold to meat wholesalers
(for human consumption), then fed the 'scraps' to his hogs (!)

If you're counting, that's nearly twice the # of fatalities in Newtown- although I guess some may put a lower value on the lives of prostitutes and drug addicts than wholly-innocent 6-7 year old children. But who cares if it took him 7 years -rather than 7 minutes- it's still a comparable crime by any measure.

Ronald Reagan always knew the problem is that bad people are BAD -not the guns- and The Gipper had an answer for uninformed gun-control zealots... let's contrast what he had to say with the way Robert Pickton -who was very, very bad-
got away with so much for so long:

"You won't get gun control by disarming
law-abiding citizens."

Any one of the 49 victims could have stopped Pickton for good and blasted his nuts off -saving all the rest- if she had a handgun in her purse- but none did. Canada has never banned guns outright, but restrictive laws and a registry on all guns up until earlier this year make it difficult to carry a handgun -just as the legislators intended- and none of Robert Pickton's targets did when they most desperately needed one.

"There's only one way to get real gun control: Disarm the thugs and the criminals, lock them up and if you don't actually throw-away-the-key, at least lose it for a long time"

Sadly, this didn't happen until it was far, far too late, as the cops up there completely botched the case: Pickton was questioned by police after a knife-fight with a prostitute on his farm in 1997, and during interrogation even granted permission for an extensive search the farm- they chose not to, and he went on killing for years. 

This vile ogre -who's family property was littered with meat cleavers, knives, mallets, chain-saws, myriad restraining devices, various aphrodisiacs and syringes, bloody rugs/towels, sex toys, KY Jelly, 'hot' massage oils, and a spiky, black 'dildo' custom-built onto the barrel of a pistol- was initially busted for slashing that prostitute in 1997: seems this one fought back, and when they met again at the hospital -both with multiple stab wounds- she still had a handcuff her wrist. Staff found the key in Pickton's pocket, the police were informed, and attempted murder charges were brought against him.

Soon afterward the case was suspended due to lack of confidence in the victim/witness, but the woman also told the DA she'd seen odd traces of other women's visits to the farm, and maybe they should check it out. Even though Vancouver was in the midst of a missing persons epidemic, they didn't... and that was that.

There was not even the need for a warrant since Pickton had already said 'go ahead and look': if they had bothered to do so, dozens of lives could have been saved, as the ramshackle compound where he and three siblings operated topsoil/pig farming business and biker bar contained evidence galore, with personal items and DNA from the victims all over the place, a slam-dunk case. There was also a freezer full of human meat (previously anonymously tipped... still, nothing).

Astonishingly, clothing and boots confiscated in the initial, limited 1997 search and placed in a police evidence locker were subsequently found to contain the DNA of two of the victims- five years later.

Pickton pig farm, Port Coquitlam, BC

To be brief, this demented nutbag went on a rampage for 7 years, killed almost 50 women, and did it all right under the nose of police -who ignored multiple clues- while new yuppie condos and a golf course were built on the periphery of the farm, right to the property line. Tips that should have been heeded were not, opportunities missed, and there's zero legitimate excuse for this bloodthirsty beast not being incarcerated from 1997-on.

"It's a nasty truth, but those who seek to inflict harm are not fazed by gun controllers. I happen to know this from personal experience..."

Taking Pickton's guns while making it difficult for everybody else to have one didn't accomplish one damn thing- he never really needed them. The only effect Canadian gun laws had on this case was to effectively disarm the pool of potential victims and perhaps convince investigators to not even suspect that a single-handed murder spree could be behind the disappearance of dozens of women from Vancouver's seedy 'downtown east side' over a seven year period- after all, how could anybody kill all those girls with no weapons?

When Canada's most prolific serial-killer in history was finally busted again -this time on gun charges in 2001- a second search warrant produced an asthma inhaler prescribed to one of the missing women, among other things. Murder charges were brought within a couple weeks, Pickton apprehended, and his new cellmate down at the jail was actually an undercover cop: as expected, it didn't take long for the lunatic to brag of killing of 49 women. He went on to tell him he only got caught because he 'got sloppy', and all he really regretted was missing the opportunity to 'make it an even 50'. The confession led to Pickton's 2007 conviction and what amounts to a life sentence (because of course Canada doesn't believe in capital punishment, either).

Ironically, the gun law Pickton was successfully charged with violating -Canada's Long Gun Registry, the crowning achievement of a gun-control movement begun back in the 1930s- came into being in 1995, the very same year that pig farmer began his hideous sex-n-slaughter spree. Yet the registry did not solve one single crime in it's 17 years of existence- rather, it was described by police as a totally-ineffective 'drain' on law enforcement resources, small wonder PM Peter Harper's Conservatives repealed the ill-conceived legislation in 2012.

There's 300M guns in the United States today, and only the kind of mathematically-challenged imbeciles that support Barack Obama's insane binge spending could possibly think that banning/restricting firearm ownership is EVER going to keep all of them away from bad (or crazy) people out there on-the-loose... all they need is one (especially once ours are gone)


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