18 December 2012

REALLY Bad Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas Honey!

Che-a-Pet, oh joy


Sulfur cartridges not included

Top of MY list, I'll tell you that

Since lemonade stands are illegal now

Nothing says 'I pity you' like Spray-On Hair!

-reminds me of those freaking TeleTubbies

Moo-chelle caught wind of this yet?

TO: Us
FROM: Them

Practical I guess

Er... OK

UROCLUB: finally a golf club you can pee in!
(includes 'privacy shield' loin-cloth, nice touch)

Wholesome, natural FUN for the whole family

: rhymes with 'weirdo'... get it?

Prolly not funny if yer under 20

The gift that keeps-on-giving

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Bad Christmas Gifts

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