16 January 2013

DREAM TEAM: Michelle Fields + Allen West
Hosting PJM's 'NextGeneration.TV'

Check out the news anchor power-pose!

Foxy blogger/journalist/libertarian commentator Michelle Fields and All-American hero Col Allen West have been brought together by Pajamas Media for a major new online project, the former US Congressman announced on Fox News'
On the Record. 

The new initiative -to be called NextGeneration.TV- is a reach-out to young conservatives/libertarians, sounds like a superb idea, and what a great paring: we need him out there fighting for us on the front lines -a fresh youth offensive is sorely needed on the right- and I've always said Michelle's going places:


To have been the first black Republican member of Congress from Florida since Josiah T. Walls in the Reconstruction Era was just the dream that my parents, sought and I know they requiem en pace knowing their goal was realized by their son. 

To have represented the highest-per-capita-income ZIP code in America, a place where when I was born in 1961 my parents could not have visited, truly epitomizes the essence of the “fairness” of America. 

No matter where you are born, this country does not limit what you can achieve, and we do not have a system of class or caste. Our quest to promote the voices of the next generation already has started on the right foot...

Over the next couple of weeks, we will begin to roll out many components of the Next Generation project. Through Internet TV, social media, live events, outreach programs and newsletters, NextGeneration.TV will be a rallying place where grandparents, parents, and children can come to learn about the challenges facing our nation and to offer possible solutions for a prosperous future. 

Political journalist and commentator Michelle Fields, a millennial herself, will join the Next Gen TV team as a correspondent. 

 As for me, my mission continues; the venue has just changed. I am excited about what we shall achieve here for the next generation. I hope you will join me in standing up for our future...

Congratulations to Col West, Michelle, and PJM-
looking forward to the BIG launch Monday, February 4th...

Michelle Fields hosts show with Allen West pjm

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