16 January 2013

Manfred Mann:
'Down the Road a Piece' - 1964

Down the Road a Piece is a boogie-woogie-style jam written by Don Raye. In 1940, a version was put to vinyl by the Will Bradley Trio that went on to be a Top Ten hit in the US. The song was subsequently recorded by a variety of jazz, blues, and rock artists.

British band Manfred Mann -a beat/R-n-B group- released their cover version of it in 1964, on the album 'The Five Faces of Manfred Mann', a critically-acclaimed record that has been called "one of the great blues-based British invasion albums; it's a hot, rocking record that benefits from some virtuoso playing as well".

Me? I love 'em- and this early stuff blows 'Blinded by the Light' away, imho...

Manfred Mann video Down the Road a Piece
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