23 January 2013

How Do Snake-Fascinated Obots Think Obama's Towering Greatness
Will Be Rated by History?

Try 'better than George Washington' for 
'for bringing America out of debt...'

Yeah, you gotta think BIG when you're talking about a President so frickin pluperfect that the American form of government -which allows an opposition to exist- simply isn't worthy,
serving precious little purpose anymore but preventing us from reaching prog nirvana.

That kind of 'thinking' is the basis for those who feel Obama's WAY too soft on the Republicans and should probably just
go-ahead and lock 'em all up- then shred the Constitution
right now and rewrite it himself

Oh, and btw, anybody who doesn't want to pay 55% income tax and fork their guns over to Homeland Security is an embittered racist hayseed.

You see, the President's results are beyond question...
no problem there! The ONLY obstacle now is a few recalcitrant sorts not willing to promptly hand unquestioned authority over everything to Barack Obama... thus, the rest of us are being denied the full glory of His revolution by TEA baggers/clingers, the Constitution, and other irksome, outdated laws. 

According to fervent Obama supporters interviewed outside Obama's coronation by Dan Joseph, Dear Leader is the greatest president EVER... clearly 'better than George Washington' for 'bringing American out of debt' and the way he 'brought the country together' (!)...

What I've been wrestling with since November's epic catastrophe is HOW on God's green Earth -as a conservative- do you reach self-convinced imbeciles like these?  Sure haven't come-up with any answers, either... anybody?
how would you rate obama