24 January 2013

That Creaking Noise You Hear is the Walls Closing-in on 'Far-Right' Patriots, 'Christian Identity Groups', and Other State Enemies...

Here it comes already: apparently stocking up on billions of rounds of ammo (25 shots for each and every Republican), supplying DHS with a panzer division, and purchasing body armor/bulletproof checkpoint booths wasn't enough to make our 'likeable' president feel secure-

So besides attempting to snake your guns, Obama is now taking on the military establishment, demoting officers who dare to ask questions -or are unwilling to fire on US citizens- while this dangerous nut attempts to seize control of (and politicize) the Pentagon as thoroughly as he has just about every other federal agency in existence.

As was recently revealed, a new military exam describes peaceful political protest -i.e. the TEA Party- as 'low-level terrorism' (!)... NOW Obama has West Point's premier terrorism think-tank working on his showcase second-term propaganda project: painting YOU -the traditional American- as a terrorist enemy to be constrained, controlled... and if necessary destroyed.

Highlights of the study -intended for training of all Army officers- include:
  • warnings re. a growing domestic threat from 'far right' conservative groups it says are 'prone to violence'
  • focus centers on white supremacist and Aryan/'Christian identity' groups, it also targets groups that value the personal liberties guaranteed in the Constitution and emphasize the need to limit the power of the federal government.
  • 'These 'anti-federalist groups' espouse strong convictions regarding the federal government, believing it to be corrupt and tyrannical, with a natural tendency to intrude on individuals’ civil and constitutional rights'
  • 'While the ideology of far-right groups is designed to exclude minorities and foreigners, the liberal-democratic system is designed to emphasize civil rights, minority rights and the balance of power' (Ed- lol)
  • it takes a broad swipe at shadowy 'anti-abortionists' which it claims have been 'extremely productive during the last two decades, amassing 227 attacks, many of them perpetrated without the responsible perpetrators identified or caught'
  • a casual reader might deduce that 'attack planning' by these groups is inevitable, yet the report is silent on just how the groups will attack- indeed, since 2009 there has been precious little evidence any of them ever did
  • The propaganda-laden report also draws a link between the mainstream conservative movement and the violent 'far right', then goes on to describe liberals as 'future oriented'- while reporting-as-fact that conservatives are 'living in the past'.

Constitutional Law Professor Herb Titus told WND this report's author is not just politically biased, but a shill for the Obammunists: he 'disagrees with those who favor small government, cutting back of federal government encroachments upon the powers of the state, and to discredit this movement focuses on a few gun-toting militia.'

Titus added that 'like so many in the Obama administration, Perliger does not want to engage in any dialogue on the issues, but just discredit an entire political movement by ad hominem charged words'. To him, the report was not produced by a a serious scholar, but a blatant 'propagandist for the existing regime'.

NO mention of any pratical reasons some thinking person might oppose Obama, mind you... and this isn't the first time they've attempted to smear the American Right in the most vile and underhanded ways, either.

We live in momentous, even frightening times- unless you think you'd enjoy becoming another obedient Obot serf.