05 January 2013

LEVIN: What Obama Deserves from Republicans is DEFIANCE, Obstruction,
and Political Sabotage- NOT Collaboration

'This government is completely out of control'

"What Obama deserves from us is defiance- what he deserves from Republicans in high elected office is obstruction -political sabotage- we shouldn't participate as political partners in our own demise, and that's exactly what's going on here- this is for all the marbles...

I don't care what Obama 'wants' -'Oh, I want 1.6 trillion'
- who gives a damn what you 'want', Mr President...?

The US credit rating has already been downgraded, and it's going to be downgraded again- they're destroying the financial backbone of this country right before our eyes, and for what? For a few more weeks of unemployment? So more people can be on food stamps? So Obama can create his paradise? And take money from people who actually earn it... a high price to pay for this experiment, and it's a failed experiment- it's been tried over, and over, and over...

We have president of the United States who's chosen to not participate in the free-market, capitalist system - never, ever-
yet today
he rules over it

We have a president who's only success is as a demagogue- where he trashes his opponents... lies and decieves in a serial fashion... he gets elected, and somehow -SOMEhow- he's qualified to run everything! He's qualified to re-write the Constitution... how did that happen? I dunno...

In America now we're supposed to despise people who actually achieve the American Dream... we're supposed to despise people who follow the law, follow the rules, though hard work, through intelligence... long hours... invest everything they have... many of whom began with very modest means- now suddenly, if they don't contribute to 50% of their income to Obama, to the Sentate, to the Congress, to the massive bureaucracy, SOMEHOW that's unfair- unfair to whom?

Like the mob, they've got their hands in our pockets- they're the first ones there!

This isn't only a financial disaster, it is a constitutional disaster- and that's the point, ever since the federal government became un-moored from the federal Constitution, it's become this: an insatiable leviathan monster, it can't stop- you heard Obama.

It's not about the rich... it's about YOU- (Obama) hasn't gotten enough, he wants more...

This fiscal cliff discussion- what happened? The Republicans sold their soul to a president who would make Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky proud...

A president who pretends to speak for the middle class and to represent the middle class when he resents the middle class.. he resents this entire society- that's why HE's NOT DONE,
he's going to push the envelope

This is not America, this is not a constitutional democracy-
this is something else

When they say 'government is broken' they don't mean because politicians aren't complying with the Constitution, they mean we need... a benevolent dictatorship'

The issue is no longer 'what can the government do, it's 'what can't the government do?'"

Audio @ TheRightScoop (h/t Doug Ross)