04 January 2013

Republican Collaborationists GO TO HELL

Expect to be massacred in 2014, tools

So the GOP old guard would like to ignore us? We can play that game, too... and any TEA Party patriot who can't see the Republican establishment's currently on an offensive to destroy constitutional conservatives' political power in this country -actually launching a war in alliance with the left- must have just fell off the turnip truck and hit their head (hard).

RNC manipulation of the GOP presidential primary process last year -primarily character assassination of conservative candidates- lead to a weak nominee who didn't stand for much and wanted to run even less. This of course brought the unmitigated nightmare catastrophe we all feared in November- the most important election in the country's history.

Now we get complete and utter capitulation in the very first legislative conflict with the re-elected, power-mad Obama, followed by Party confirmation/support for the inept Republican schmucks that made it happen, The Orange Menace and 
'Musty MitchMcConnell, a couple of ossified go-along-to-get-along losers who couldn't fight their way out of a wet paper bag- indeed, the White House has basically neutered Congress.

Trouble is, radical socialist Barack Obama has jerked this country's political 'norm' so far to the left that any 'compromise in the middle' with the GOP's middlin' talents ends up being something Fidel Castro would have little problem with.

ONLY a strong, principled, conservative counterweight -meaning people who like to FIGHT and are dedicated to re-instituting Reaganite fiscal policy in this country- will ever have a prayer of pulling us back from the fiscal brink, defeating the statists, and returning America to anything resembling normalcy. 

Meanwhile, the Gee-oh-Pee's Rockefeller Rupublican elite are not only ignoring conservatives but actively purging them from positions of power within the Party... don't know about you, but I'm not one to stick around where I'm not welcome.

Time to register as an independent and let the RNC know about it: not one plug nickel for the repulsive Republican quislings, any donations need to go to TEA Party organizations and/or individual conservative candidates who will also be held to their word- believe that.

1- Address white business envelope


2- Jot-down a brief, friendly note


3- Include now-useless Party card 


4- Attach tea bag


5- Affix stamp and hand to mailman 
(soon as he's off hunger strike)

The party's over- 

QUIT the GOP today-
change your party affiliation 
to 'independent' online right -here-

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