28 January 2013

Stubborn Stupidity of The Obama Voter Delivers Us to the Dictator while
They Wallow in a Dream-World

According to pollster Rasmussen, last week 42% of registered voters gave the President 'positive marks' on job creation-  huh?

Barack Obama has created ZERO frickin jobs- hello!

The current unemployment rate -identical to when 
he first took office- SHOULD have been a hint, no?

And would you imagine that 62% of voters now favor smaller government -with fewer services/lower taxes- here just a
couple months past an election in which Americans returned a far-left Cloward-Pivenist for another 4 years of fiscal mayhem...?

Perhaps some supporters were genuinely surprised by Obama's Big Government, rabble-rousing, class-warfare coronation speech last week -even disturbed/disappointed- but you would think anybody who hasn't been living in a North Korean cave for the last 4 years would know that this reckless, spendthrift regime has nothing to do with fiscal restraint in any way, shape, or form-

Tragically, 51% of America's 130M voters went for Obama last November, meaning OVER 14 MILLION PEOPLE (11% of the electorate) who NOW say they want 'smaller government' and 'less taxes' actually went out on election day and pulled a lever for the Bolshevik Boy Wonder... which begs the question: WHY?

How anybody could be so intellectually lazy is a mystery for sure -obviously out there voting for some other motivation other than intelligent, reasoned input into the direction of the country-
all I know is I'd like to wring each-and-every one of their necks personally.

A full 64% of voters also told Rasmussen that 'too many people' are dependent on government financial aid these days...
so where were they with this attitude on election day, pray tell?

Any sense of responsibility from you people re. the country and all our children's futures? 

Or has voting devolved into little more than a hollow fashion-statement/cultural tantrum/reality show for self-absorbed types who seem to like flaunting their ignorance right in-your-face?

Rasmussen also found that almost half (45%) of American voters say it would be a good idea to replace federal income taxes with a national VAT-style sales tax, presumably because they think it would be more 'fair' (yet don't see the wet blanket that would throw over the feeble manufacturing/distribution/retail sectors in this country).

The other thing they don't get is that a sales tax of this sort is highly regressive and disproportionately affects the poor while killing the economy in general. Alas, 'green' types LOVE a European-style VAT (value-added tax) because it -yes- constrains consumption, 'saving the environment' while preventing people from living the kind of lifestyles that liberals find irksome. This kind of thinking lies behind me having to pay $8.00 a gallon for gas in Europe last year, or consumers in the EU being bled for 22% VAT on a new refrigerator or car.

Since America's free-market capitalists largely understand the considerable negatives inherent in adopting a national sales tax
-and major new tax initiatives only seem to spew from the progs- it looks like loser Obama voters are shooting themselves in the foot yet again- and dragging the rest of the country right-down the hole with them:

idiot obama voters

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