25 March 2013

All-New 2014 Jeep Cherokee:
UGLY as Homemade Shoes!

What were they thinking...

As a lifelong car nut, I can assure you I'm about as open-minded as they get when it comes to automotive design... and if FIAT did even one thing good with Chrysler  I just kind of assumed the Italians would be bringing some dashing, innovative styling to Mopars and Jeeps over the next few years... THEN THIS!

Pics of next year's replacement for the Jeep Liberty have been released, the 'bold' 2014 Jeep Cherokee: while there's no denying some original thinking here, the interwebs have exploded with derision, revulsion... and cackles of laughter:

"Kill it with fire"

"EpicSuperMegaFAIL face"

"The Catfish"
Those are some of the harsher critiques that greeted Jeep's "bold" new Cherokee on automotive websites around the world within hours of its unveiling. 

The all-new mid-size SUV features polarising styling, with the recognisable seven-slot grille sporting a prominent horizontal crease through its centre. 

Slimline headlights and larger, squared-off fog-lights and a thick, angular front bumper help cement the new look for a Cherokee that clearly looks as though it will appeal to a different market to the squarer Cherokees that have typified the breed...

Speaking of ugly cars...

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