26 March 2013

Monaco Not Feeling the Pinch JUST YET-
Most Expensive Penthouse in History
To Hit Market in 2014 @ $330M+

I'm not too big on snob appeal...
but this one looks fun, dunnit?

Currently under construction atop the soaring new 557-foot Tour Odéon (Odéon Tower) in the Principality of Monaco you'll find a dramatic, bright, multi-floored Maisonette (3000 square meters!) that surely surpasses anything I've ever seen... even on tee-vee. It's the first tall construction in the diminutive city-state since the 80s, due to strict architectural concerns- making the impressive penthouse atop it all the more desirable
(and thus the eye-watering price).

Designed by London's Candy & Candy, the home features a classy private lobby with full-time concierge... natural-light indoor pool, outdoor infinity pool with waterslide/waterfall treatment 
(+ glass wind-guards built into the architecture), massive outdoor sunning deck, full-height formal library, secure 'panic room' with surveillance cameras, cinema rooms, a private elevator leading to copious amounts of underground parking space... and the view's nothing to sneeze at, either:

(click any to enlarge)
Tour Odéon

Grand (not just 'great') room

Oh my

Sunlit indoor pool

Master bath w/balcony

Private lobby (!)

Jeeves, can we get some more lobster over here?

Master suite with sitting area

I've seen worse!

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