25 April 2013

George W Bush on His Recently Discovered Painting Talent: 'Of Course, Some
People are Surprised I Can Even Read'

'Miss Beazely', George W Bush - 2012

I'm no art sophisticate or anything, but I know what I like. And as much as I didn't care for George W Bush's spending and government expansion, I DO like his work on canvas- the guy is good.

But if you're surprised, so's Dubya... he had no idea he could paint: seems about a year ago he did some 'doodling' to explain something to the Bush daughters at the ranch one day, and soon  lo-and-behold a family friend in the art business told him he may have a hidden talent.

Bush at first thought she was just joking, but she wasn't. He had read a book by Winston Churchill on amateur painting, and took the lessons in it to heart: now just a few months later, some of his work was submitted to the Dallas Morning News and published in the ramp-up to the Bush Library opening today... color me impressed!