26 April 2013

Rather than Dialing Authorities when FBI Photos Were Released, Katherine Russell-Tsarnaev Warned Her Husband Instead

...thus triggering the crash-n-burn finale last Friday

Crocodile tears

Say, isn't that a felony?

Muslim convert Katherine Russell-Tsarnaev has apparently been lying her lilly-white butt off regarding purported 'surprise' and 'shock' in hearing of Tamerlan Tsaranev's involvement with terrorism, as she had claimed on Monday through her attorney. Seems she also found nothing strange about his bringing home a dozen pressure-cookers, either.

Cell-phone records (and her brother-in-law) tell a whole 'nother story, tho- one that's likely to earn her a lengthy stay at the Gray Bar Hotel: FBI investigators have learned that Katherine Russell-Tsarnaev called and warned abusive husband Tamerlan that his picture was on TV, launching a violent terror spree/street battle with police that was to end ingloriously just a few hours later with death-by-brother-in-SUV.

Instead of doing the right thing, Katherine Russell-Tsarnaev chose to make a REAL bad life choice, i.e. aiding and abetting a terrorist: Steve Hayes told Greta Van Sustern on Fox last night that the younger brother Dzokhar Tsarnaev -in his pre-Miranda interrogation- spilled the (Boston?) beans on Katherine's call to Tamerlan, which basically give him a 'heads-up' that
'they're looking for you'.

Some -like Mark Levin- have been pondering what the hell she was doing when her own hubby appeared in FBI 'wanted' pics with his brother at the Marathon... didn't she recognize them

Claims of ignorance have rung hollow- and where's the condemnation of these heinous crimes? Katherine Russell-Tsarnaev claims to be 'ready to assist in the investigation', but so far all we've got from her is BS- so what's that worth? 

Keep in mind Katherine has also been charged with shoplifting (2007), same as the Tsaranev's idiot mom, so credibility obviously a major issue with this hyper-screwed-up,
'moral' family. Looks like this one's going to jail too...