18 April 2013

What's Obama Up-To in a Back Room
Today with the Saudis, Pray Tell?

Only the beginning...

I dunno about you, but right about the time I was reading of the Saudi student injured near the blast site -first questioned by police as a 'suspect' then later just a 'witness'- and his numerous ties to know Al Qaeda terrorists, I hear he's about to be whisked-off to Saudi Arabia on a plane, deported on 'national security grounds' on Obama's orders... huh?

THEN today a pic of two very Saudi-looking, student-age dudes is released by investigators (the one only law enforcement was allowed to see yesterday). 

So suddenly, Obama is meeting with the Saudi foreign minister, a high-level contact the White House chose to hide from the president's public daily schedule...

The WH now says they're discussing Syria in a big rush- you buying any of this?

Some see an aggressive, pro-active effort by Team Obama to cover-up any Saudi connection to the Boston Marathon attacks no matter what they have to do... and it's starting to look that way.

I guess it all makes sense, tho, if you take into consideration the well-supported theory that the OPEC and the Saudis OWN Obama... and by extension, the country: via Valerie Jarrett, it seems that Saudi Arabia may have been the ones behind all that mystery cash that came out of nowhere in 1000s of phony-baloney 'small donations' in 2008...

Sceptical?  Read up -here-

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