19 April 2013

WILD Shootout in Boston: One Terrorist Captured While Other Drives Stolen SUV
Straight-Through Police Lines to Freedom
(Raw Gunfight VIDEO)

In a wild midnight shootout on the streets of Watertown, Mass, the recently ID'd suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing even tossed numerous bombs grenade-style at the police. Sadly, an MIT campus officer was shot dead there earlier in the evening, starting a hot manhunt that led to the Watertown mini-war...

The battle ended with Suspect #1 surrendering to police while Suspect #2 took-off and is still on the lam. 

Two young men who looked a lot like the guys in the FBI photos had backpacks stuffed with various bombs when the the shootout began late last night: according to the New York Times, a Watertown resident heard noise and looked out his window to see 'two young men of slight build' in jackets shooting at dozens of police officers from behind a black Mercedes-Benz SUV. The lines of the battle were at-most '70 yards across'. 

Suddenly a police SUV charged the shooters -presumably rushing the conclusion in an attempt to prevent any bombs from being detonated- yet the terrorists shot it up so thoroughly it 'rolled out of control'.

The two 'suspects' then attempted to deploy a large, clumsy bomb that weebled-out just 20 yards towards the officers before detonating.  At that point  #1 charged the police line and was shot/apprehended, while Suspect #2 -hopped-into the MB SUV -reportedly car-jacked at MIT campus after the cop was shot there- and showed the Boston Police how you do it, driving straight-through the police line and continuing-on westward, somehow escaping law enforcement(!)

Good grief man, what is this, the Keystone Kops? CATCH this P.O.S. already... rumor on Twitter has it that Tripathi is holed-up a building, surrounded by SWAT teams as dawn approaches...

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