10 May 2013

More Good News for You, Barry:
Obamacare Approval TANKING (35%!)

Bad-week-after-bad-week for the besieged Obama
White House- and this one still ain't even over yet!

At a point in time when Obamacare's most unpleasant periods of implementation -and massive tax hikes- are yet to have hit, seems reality has already penetrated much of the public awareness...  at least to the point so that somebody besides medical professionals and small-businesses are frightened by this legislative Frankenstein. 

Obamacare has never enjoyed 50% support in any poll I've ever seen- now today, barely a third of regular Joes and Josephines approve, just one point better than the all time low of 34% in September 2009- that in the midst of heated town hall debates nationwide (of course AP couldn't resist interweaving the entire story with snarky commentary re. GOP alternative proposals from Medicare chief -and committed leftist- Donald Berwick).

With 65+ seniors approval below 30% for the first time, it's no wonder we found Obama out on the stump pimping Obamacare yet again.

I first started actively/vehemently opposing Barack Obama in early 2008, at that time almost purely on his lack of qualification for Commander in Chief... so after 5 years of dumb luck in foreign policy like I've never seen, the Benghazigate hearings had me feeling a bit vindicated in that base argument against his presidency. But Barack Obama has sown the seeds for SO much disaster -particularly in the Middle East- that Benghazi's just the tip of the iceberg.

Once the regime's all-encompassing radicalism became apparent -and talk of 'bipartisanship' and 'moderation' proven to be a smokescreen- I've fought him tooth-and-nail, like so many other Americans. Yet even in the wake of 2012 hyper-disappointing defeat, I always felt our ace-in-the-hole would be the implementation of Obamacare- it was never reconciled properly, cannot be implemented in anything like it's current form, and will cost taxpayers an ARM and a LEG... the eventual backlash would have to be tremendous.

Seems that's already started...