10 May 2013

Super-Majority of House Republicans Want Benghazi Special Investigative Committee

It's all up-to John Boehner now... 

Just a week ago, House Speaker John Boehner had to be dragged kicking-and-screaming into simply releasing an interim report from his own very quiet Benghazi panel. But he only did this once he felt a GOP rebellion brewing beneath his feet.

Yet what a difference a few more days make- the atmosphere on Capitol Hill is rapidly changing in the wake of Wednesday's hearings, as more Americans experience the dawning realization that the radical and incompetent Obama Administration's dereliction of duty is what got Ambassador Stevens and three others killed in Benghazi on that night- and they've been lying to our face about it ever since.

Now Mr Boehner is singing quite a different tune, that he sees the likelihood of a coverup here while demanding access to the relevant State Dept-White House emails. He also heaped praise upon Wednesday's performance by House Republicans and yesterday pledged 'more hearings'.

But our side smells blood and wants more- conservatives feel we've got 'the most transparent administration in history' where we want 'em this time: Rep Frank Wolf (R-Va) went so far as to say the Speaker risks becoming 'complicit' if he doesn't convene a Special Committee to look into Benghazigate in more comprehensive fashion. 

So buckle your seatbelts, Obama voters- you're about to have forced-upon you a better understanding of what your fellow countrymen were trying to explain last Fall before you wandered all-self-pleased into that voting booth and pulled the lever for this inept, lying traitor that the rest of us are now working so hard to wrest from power...