10 July 2013

Benefits.gov: 'Your Path to Government Benefits'

Looks like you've hit the jackpot, leeches!

gub'ment cheese

Now that those who receive food stamps in the US outnumber the sum of those actually employed in the private sector (due in no small part to federal government radio advertising aimed at potential freeloaders both in the US and in Mexico), one could say that the Obama Administration's single greatest triumph (politically/from their warped viewpoint) could be the systematic, intentional addiction of more people to government entitlements in general... a hideous crime against a society once founded upon rugged individualism.

But they're not done yet- just look at the ways today's 'progressive' left attempt to lure the constitutionally-clueless into joining the kolektiv: with slick, expensive-looking websites like 'Benefits.gov', replete with 'Benefits Finder' search engine... couldn't be easier:

Little surprise then that the benefit class with the most dubious burst of growth -food stamps- is still #1 in searches on the site today...  still, after a doubling of the # of people dependent upon them under the Obama White House.

The list of taxpayer-funded benefits they'll help you scrape-up is truly something to behold... one can even choose 'all of the above' (!)
-isn't that special?

1What type of benefits are you looking for?

And if you think that's something- 
just wait 'til they ram amnesty through!

Townhall   The Daily Caller   h/t Speedunque

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