11 July 2013

Boorish Popstar Makes Political Debut w/
'F*%&# Bill Clinton!'

And I thought I was never going to warm to this kid...

It's time- for JUSTIN

OK, he's a ROYAL a-hole who can't sing and smokes/drinks
too much- how
's that any different than John Boehner?

If Ted Cruz and Rand Paul don't pan out, maybe we'll have to 
run Bieber in the 2013 Republican primaries: at least he'd have a wrap on first-time female voters- of which we probably get about 5% right now. Seems to me 'beliebers' and the hopenchange crowd would have a large overlap of clueless sheeple- and ole Justin might be the only way we'll ever win over enough of them to recapture the WH.

Yes, the time has come to admit over 50% of Americans are idiots and/or leeches -give up trying to reason with them- and operate based on those assumptions. We could even run Bieber as 'first lesbian GOP candidate' if he went back to the mop-top look...

Sadly for the arrogant little punk's possible political aspirations, his righteous -if kinda dated- outburst of '(screw) Bill Clinton!' in an expensive Manhattan restaurant earlier this year was accompanied by his spraying a photo of the former president with Windex found near the restroom. He then somehow then lost interest in the original reason he even went to the bathroom and instead took a leak in the kitchen staff's mop bucket (in the hallway) while loudly exclaiming 'This is the coolest place to pee!' as an entourage of poorly-raised trash shouted 'We're the WILD kids!' out in the restaurant. One of the misguided teen idol's friends can be heard in the background on the tape saying the restaurant staff should be 'honored' by Bieber lifting his hind leg over their pail.

Yeah... he's got zero self-awareness or shame, and is entirely in love with himself, so a natural politician. 

I DO like his position on the Clintons, but this video is sure to come up in the debates. Yet he's still got some way to go to accumulate the kind of baggage Newt had to schlepp through the '12 primaries...

justin bieber