11 July 2013

Mark Levin Declares WAR on Statism w/
New Book 'The Liberty Amendments:
Restoring The American Republic'

The highly-influential 'Great One' Mark Levin -who's shows I download and listen to religiously- has unleashed his long-awaited battle plan for facing today's unified Obammunist-RINO front on the federal level
(or rather, out-flanking them) The Levin Liberty Project...

The best-selling author outlined an initiative to take-our-country-back on the air yesterday, in which he proposes new constitutional amendments and a re-invigoration of the states' power, to be fully-outlined in his new book 'The Liberty Amendments: Restoring The American Republic' (print copy available August 13th).

Levin said that the Founders clearly feared the type of soft tyranny we find attacking our personal sovereignty on every level today... so much so that they left us various fallback legal remedies, which constitutional conservatives need to utilize stat.

Some choice quotes from yesterday's Levin show (via Doug Ross):

  • Congress can propose amendments to the Constitution -- and has in 27 cases that have been ratified -- and the states can too, through the convention process. The first method, where two-thirds of Congress passes a proposed amendment and then forwards it to the state legislatures for possible ratification by three-fourths vote. And that has occurred 27 times. 
  •  The second method, involving the direct application of two-thirds of the state legislatures, for a convention of proposing amendments -- not a Constitutional Convention, a convention for proposing amendments, which would thereafter require three-fourths of the states to ratify -- has been tried in the past without success. And today it sits dormant.
  • The fact is: Article V expressly grants state legislatures significant authority to re-balance the Constitutional structure for the purposes of restoring our founding principles should the federal government shed its limitations, abandon its original purpose, and grow too powerful as many delegates in Philadelphia in 1787 at the Constitutional Convention feared.
  • Which is EXACTLY why they provided for two methods of amending the Constitution.
  • Under both amendment procedures, the Constitution requires at least 3/4 of the states ratify the amendment -- either by their state legislatures or by the state conventions. So again, rather than Congress proposing amendments, what's suggested here is that the states can and should convene to do the same thing.
  • ...you'll hear critics say, "We don't need a Constitutional Convention! We'll never get anyone better than the Framers!" And they're right! This isn't a Constitutional Convention. This is a convention for proposing amendments to the Constitution.
  • And here's the beauty of the process: Congress' role in the state application process is minimal and ministerial. And it couldn't be otherwise, because the Framers and Ratifiers adopted the state convention process for the purpose of establishing an alternative to the Congressionally-initiated amendment process. That was the point
  •  Now you can see why the ruling class and their little mouthpieces are going to hate me: because this removes power from them.

Can't wait to see the book... but you can pretty much count me in already, sir- nobody on our side seems to have any better ideas.