16 July 2013

Remember This Last Year?
'DHS INSIDER: Obama, DHS Plan Race Riots, Martial Law, and Cancelled Elections'

Originally posted May 2012:

Expansion of FEMA camps and 
massive DHS ammo buys  starting to make sense now...
(and mebbe Big Sis didn't have the stomach for it.)

Much like the very last drunk to be driven from your house party at 2 am, the rumpled remains of the so-called 'progressive' movement seem bound-and-determined to not go away without tearing the drapes down and torching the place- alas, I guess we always knew it was going to be like this.

I used to have a real distaste for views based on conspiracy theory, yet like many Americans have learned that you can't be paranoid enough when trying to make sense of the things going on in the bizarre Obammunist era. 

And when you've got a press that simply lies to your face all the time, info emanating from disaffected 'insiders' offer perhaps the only real hints of what might actually be going on behind the doors of this most secretive, manipulative, and politically calculating bad-faith administration in US history.

Worryingly, a US Dept of Homeland Security 'insider' recently told a Canadian paper that the Obama Administration is scheming (along with that heavily-politicized agency) to spark a Helter-Skelter-type race war in this country... only difference being it'll be the Bolshevik Boy Wonder -rather than Charlie- we'll be turning-to to lead us all 'Forward' through the ensuing apocalypse. Attempts at gun confiscation, curfews, and DHS checkpoints (they recently obtained the bulletproof booths) are what you can look forward to in this action-packed sequel to hopenchange.

Now that a reckless prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case has the progressive Left's street muscle all fired up, perhaps DHS staging a faux-Obama-assassination attempt (as the informant purports they're planning to do) could trigger the widespread rioting and looting throughout major US cities that Obama needs to inflict martial law and cancel the November election. But Axelrod won't be leaving that to chance: the source also speaks of persistent rumors that Louis Farrakhan in on the CIA payroll, and that he'll be utilized in rabble-rousing masses of 'progressive' blacks and Muslims -in concert loyal Obama allies like the New Black Panthers- 'by any means necessary'...

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