31 August 2013

After Painting Himself Into a Corner and Losing All His Allies, NOW Obama Looks to Congress!

As an excuse to back down, that is... 
then blame the Republicans, of course

After days of talking VERY publicly of all the terrible things he could do to Bashir Assad's odious regime in Demascus... Russia's sent 6-7 warships in and told him to back off while France scampered and the Brits said 'pass'. All of a sudden now he wants to ask Congress, please.

Either somebody warned Obama he's opening himself up to impeachment with another violation of the war powers act... or he simply realized he's been abandoned or opposed by just about everybody on Earth, including the UN.

The Peace Prize president tries to go on the warpath and the effort collapses with a resounding thud... time to blame the Republicans, what else. I've never favored aiding Al Qaeda in Syria -as Obama would like to do- but whatever just happened over the last week makes this country appear absolutely feckless... clueless... and leadership-less.

It at minimum buys him time while he slithers away from this humiliating leadership implosion by the Obama Administration- the pivot towards Capitol Hill establishes a timetable that could drag on for weeks.

I never thought I could be so embarrassed to be an American... the Russians must be laughing their ass off.