29 August 2013

MoveOn Now Fears Emerging
'Worst Case Scenario':
GOP Wins Control of the Senate in 2014

My (conservative) friend sends me fundraising letters he gets from hyper-liberal MoveOn.org, so the latest one noting that NYT data wizard Nate Silver sees the GOP at nearly 'even money' to take over the Senate in 2014 struck me as particularly amusing... smell the fear, baby!

Understandably, MoveOn's shaking-in-their-lime-green-Crocs at the prospect of a Republican Senate next year... and with good reason: Obama has bet everything on 'crippling' the GOP on the way to winning the House and Senate in 2014... then he'll ram mass amnesty, gun grabs, and additional 'green' folly right down our throats. 

Thus, all Obama does lately seems more aimed at splitting/damaging the Republicans than any sort of legislative accomplishment... he never had any interest in compromise anyway.

Our nation's first far-left president desperately wants to 'cement his legacy' by forcing the rest of the discredited 'progressive' agenda upon this weary nation. And while he's happy to trounce the Constitution with myriad czars, executive orders, etc, in order to accomplish this, what Obama needs for a BIG immigration bill -or some serious offensive on the 2nd Amendment- is full control of Capitol Hill. 

Alas- with a new Dem majority in the House already a distant dream, they now might not even hold on to the Senate... an umitigated disaster for Dear Leader's legacy-of-failure:

MoveOn: The 2014 election is hugely important—and we can't let Republicans steal it now. So if you think you'll want to get involved sometime next year, I ask you: Please get engaged
right now.

We're raising $250,000 this week to launch a 'Let Us Vote' Campaign to fight back right now—while it can make the greatest difference. Will you help?

Yes, I'll contribute $5 so we can fight back.

How blatant are the GOP's efforts? North Carolina just passed what's widely being called the most extreme voter suppression law in the country. It requires Voter ID, reduces early voting, and ends same-day registration.

Why there? Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina is just one of four Democrats up for re-election next year in a state won by Mitt Romney. If Republicans can reduce turnout in North Carolina and defeat her, it'll drastically improve their odds of taking the Senate. To reverse the effects of this effort, we have a 3-pronged plan of attack:

1. We'll launch state-by-state campaigns to roll back discriminatory voter suppression laws, rules and regulations when state legislatures are back in session.

2. We'll prepare a traditional and online media blitz, highlighting both the actions of extreme politicians like North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and the stories of heroic individual voters whose rights are being trampled.

3. We'll organize an aggressive counter-intimidation campaign to mobilize the very same voters who are being disenfranchised. This tactic was proven to work last election, when showing voters what Republicans are really up to actually motivated unlikely voters to overcome barriers to get to the polls.

We helped beat back the GOP voter suppression machine in 2012—and we can do it again—but all of us need to help. And we can't afford to wait until next year. Are you in to support our
"Let Us Vote" campaign?

Yes, I'll contribute $5.

Thanks for all you do.

–Anna, Alex, Jessica, Nick, and the rest of the team

boo frickin hoo

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