19 December 2013

★ 2013 Wardrobe Malfunction Awards ★

Actress Stephanie Scott had a hard time
keeping a lid on it at a children's awards show...
(Rated PG-17 or so)

Miley Cyrus/Lady Gaga disqualified this year-
hardly news when they do it:
Gemma Chan suffered a lower-sector oopsie at Scotland's BAFTAs

Jennifer Lawrence at the SAG Awards

UK singer Rita Ora flashed her panties/seemed to be wearing a cheap wig

Rosario Dawson split a seam at the As I Lay Dying premiere

Australian rapper Iggy Azaelia coming apart

So unlike Katy Perry

Thank God it's fake- such a Rebel

Miranda Kerr endured actual double nip-slip poolside

Still more Iggy Azaelia... literally


Last year's Wardrobe Malfunction Awards -here-

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