19 December 2013

Ever Caught Brent Bozell's
Imitation of Johnny Boehner?

Other timely observations on the current House Speaker (and head of the Vichy Republican faction) from the founder/prez of the Media Research Center
L. Brent Bozell, as heard on Levin's show this last Tuesday...

(The GOPisfalling apart... 
no longer grounded by principle, but instead 
by politicsand it's lousy politics at best

The budget agreement
-which is being touted 
as a 'compromise'-
is one more retreat by the Republicans

When is the last time you remember a 
'compromise' that favored the Republicans? 

This 'compromise' is... 'you give-up less 
than you thought you might'

Projected savings that come at the end... 
you shake your head in stunned disbelief... 
because beginning-to-end it's dishonest! 
And everyone who's participated 
in this knows it is dishonest

This (isn't the best they can do)... 
it's the best they tried to do!

The argument for ending the Obamacare defunding effort 
was that we needed to get to work on the budget
The argument for surrendering on the budget 
is that they want to get back to Obamacare

They have NO intention of defunding Obamacare-
they have NO intention of balancing the budget, 
or (even) getting the budget under-control...

$23B over ten years is less than spit- it's nothing.
... and all you need is one natural disaster 
and that's wiped-out

The rank dishonesty! Everyone knew that when 
the shutdown occurred this was going to be a paid vacation 
for all the useless bureaucrats in Washington DC... 
all of you folks out there were working, 
but they were on on vacation- complaining about it! 

What the Republicans should have done was what the Republicans did when John Boehner was pretending he had a spine: come up with a budget that funds the government -except for Obamacare- and let the Democrats fight over it. 

Why should anybody vote Republican, when 
all it is is a different version of the Democratic Party?

The (GOP) has abandoned the American people...

BONUS: he also noted this epic clip (seen on Hannity)...