10 December 2013

BAD Christmas Gifts-

Now Polly can be with you forever

COLOSSAL Gummi Bear: 
a mere 25 lbs and 32,000 calories (!)


And you thought it couldn't get any worse

USB-powered mini pole dancer: class

Not the worst idea- but they did manage 
to make it look stupid as possible

Yummy insect lollipops come in three flavors 
-ants, worm, or scorpion- firebox.com

What Republican wouldn't love 'em (besides me)? 

bad Christmas gifts
For the chef with issues

Even worse when it's intentional...

And winner of the 2013 WTF Award...

More bad Christmas gifts -here-

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Graybeard said...

Wasn't there there a charity called "Shave the Children"?

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