06 January 2014

Dummy Dennis Rodman on his BBF's Dictatorship,
Death Camps, and Executions-by-Dog: 'NOT MY JOB!'

 -adds North Korea 'not that bad...'

Celebrity clown and unintelligible drunkard Dennis 'Worm' Rodman arrived today in Pyongyang along with some fellow ex-NBA players he scraped-up (inc. Vin Baker and Cliff Robertson) for an exhibition basketball game- and who better to marshal such an event than an exhibitionist tool who wouldn't dream of doing anything to hurt this latest avenue to attention?

The NBA all-stars are set to play the Nork's senior national team on Wednesday, although the original sponsor of Worm's planned exhibition game and DPRK basketball training camp bailed when the Boy King threatened South Korea with annihilation and thew Uncle Jang to the dogs, so I'm not sure who's paying now- couldn't be Rodman, he's always broke

Here we have a guy who would've been an unknown nothing if not for the American sports and entertainment industry- who gets back after the first trip to the most fiercely anti-US and anti-capitalist regime on Earth and refuses to tell the FBI a thing. 

Why are we letting him go a 3rd time? If the Norks aren't embarassed, we are-

Rodman: 'the game is for his birthday'... Kim Jong Un is an 'awesome guy, and his predecessors were 'great leaders'...  “He’s proud, his country likes him
-not like him, love him... guess what, I love him. The guy’s really awesome.'

Just how do long do you think an unproductive discipline problem like yourself would last in the North Korean system, Worm? Didn't the executed uncle's charges include 'womanizing', 'drinking', and 'gambling'?

With Rodman in a fog and the rest of us cynically dismissive, you've got to think this ongoing propaganda exercise is meant to play positive for KJU's domestic audience, since the average North Korean plebe has no idea whatsoever what a clueless reprobate Dennis Rodman actually is... I doubt any even heard of him before last month. 

But we have- what outsider aware of Rodman -and his shenanigans- would possibly be impressed? I've observed them first-hand at the bar, and knew people who lived on his street in Newport Beach... they said it was a living hell. How do you argue with a neighbor who doesn't even know how to talk?

So the 'Dennis Rodman Show' in North Korea is little different than KJU's fast-tracking of a 'public' ski resort and recent restoration of Pyongyang's amusement park/rides... propaganda that makes the Hermit Kingdom appear more modern while presenting the tubby hereditary tyrant as some proponent of physical fitness. 

KJU recently issued an order that North Koreans should do more horseback riding, due to its 'benefits to the lower-back'...  this in a country where the average wage is twenty bucks a month.

Alas, like most useful idiots, Rodman will wear out the 'useful' part quick enough... until then, he's unintentionally helping his own country by tying down scores of North Korean intelligence and security officers stuck with the unenviable task of trying to decipher what the hell he's even talking about...

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