06 January 2014

This Calls for ROBOPLOW!

Catastrophic winter storms throughout the US Northeast and now Midwest -setting record lows and caused by global warming- have some folks shoveling snow up to their belly... so while you're out there giving yourself a heart attack, think of how fun it would be to grab a coffee and plow the driveway/sidewalks from your laptop or smart-phone instead:

The Roboplow was invented by Rob Kinkey and isn't some frail little 'maybe' like early robotic vacuum cleaners.: if anything, it's overkill with 6-wheel-drive, 50" plow-blade, and serious power from it's electric motors that have it tearing down the driveway (can do 'donuts', see video below). 

The thing resembles an Israeli IDF border-patrol robot or something, and really was done professionally with front and rear LED safety lights, full-power-adjustable plow, top-mounted web camera, remote control system for all of the above, + weather sealing/finishing... no word on any plans for commercial production yet:

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