25 January 2014

House GOP Aide: Political Logic of Angering Party's Base Over Immigration So Close to Low-turnout Midterm Election "Baffling"

"Do we really want to just give up the midterms like this?"

If you thought the poorly-skippered GOP ship was already way, way out there -cast adrift far from what most anybody I know is calling for-  yet still expected them to at least 'play' conservative (and say stuff that actual conservatives like to hear) in the run-up to this year's 2014 midterms, you'd have been right on the first point... but wrong on the second.

See, the RINO-corporatists that run the Republican Party today have dropped all pretense of giving a rat's ass what you think... they've actually come right out and told us they and their crony-capitalist allies will spend million$ just to
shut us the hell up

Not only do they not want to deal with -nor hear a peep- from the right anymore, Boehner/McConnell/Rove et. a. are making it abundantly clear through their actions and words that they don't even want Tea Party default votes (cast with a clothes pin on our nose)... because if they succeed in ramming-through the new RINObama pseudo-amnesty plan they and the Chamber of Commerce are all jazzed about, conservatives are going to shun this party in droves- staying home on Election Day just like they did(n't) for Romney, and then some.

But there are a few principled constitutional conservatives around these days, and they -along with anybody else in the House interested in maintaining the
US of A as a viable concept- are quietly putting an alternative plan/defense in place that would stop John Boehner's threatened scheme for immigration reform
-one reportedly far to the left of anything Republicans have proposed previously- and offer a sensible alternative -with nothing like amnesty- instead:

Breitbart- ...conservative critics of Speaker John Boehner's planned immigration push are working to issue their own rival immigration principles to vie with the document Boehner is drafting. “There is definitely a growing mood of confusion and aggravation among conservatives in the House over the immigration issue right now,”

The building backlash could create for a tumultuous 3-day retreat next week as Republicans gather in Maryland to plan the party's future. Upping the pressure, a key outside conservative today requested access to the retreat to brief lawmakers on the issue.

Top GOP officials, meanwhile, are becoming bolder in their embrace of immigration reform. House Budget Committee chairman Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) emerged Thursday to discuss how House GOP leadership plans to bring immigration legislation to the floor, while on House Majority Whip Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA)--the third highest House GOP leadership official--endorsed "legal status" for illegal aliens on Wednesday.

At a recent Tea Party convention in S Carolina, conservative lawmakers expressed anger at Boehner's plan to push immigration reform after opponents seemed to stave off the effort last year.

 “I don't know why in the world House Republicans would move on immigration legislation in 2014,” said Representative Jeff Duncan of S Carolina.

Representative Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma said securing the border is a far more urgent priority than discussing the citizenship of illegal aliens in the U.S. because of the savage violence at the border.

“We have on the border of the United States 100,000 dead bodies just south of our border,” Bridenstine said. “We focus on Syria because that’s where the president wants to focus, while we have a crisis on our own southern border. And it’s because we have an insecure border.”

Let's hope this madness from the Gee Oh Pee establishment can be stopped-dead in it's tracks... because with any substantial legalization of
millions of 3rd-world immigrants, Republicans can kiss the Oval Office goodbye
until the Sun goes supernova...

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