25 January 2014

Linseed Grahamnesty DARES Conservatives to End
his Misguided Career: 'I Embrace Being a
Chamber-of-Commerce Republican'

Note: that would be the same US Chamber out to get us...

I guess that back in the golden Reagan era -with as healthy, just, and bountiful an economy as the world's ever seen-  a lot of us could have happily described ourselves as allied with the general interests of the US Chamber of Commerce

Trouble is, we're here NOW -in the deepest, darkest days of the USSR-Lite Obama regime, not the 1980s- where the country's being rapidly raced into an abyss with the unconscionable aid of 'Republicans' like Sen Lindsey Graham, supported by -sadly- that very same 'pro-business' group, amongst other
craven trough-lickers...

'What's good for General Motors -for instance- is no longer necessarily what's good for the United States of America. They now manufacture well over half their cars overseas, and only seem to be investing money in China... this after US taxpayers were left holding the bag for an $80B government bailout.

But the US Chamber of Commerce itself has become downright sinister in their self-serving agenda (free market competition be damned): they're clearly no longer interested in promoting economic opportunity for all... nor the sort of entrepreneurial business environment that made this country so successful in the first place... and they ain't much for the rule of law, neither.

Rather, they've abandoned all principle and are now into crony capitalism, destroying competitors through regulation, securing a steady supply of
cheap, 3rd-world labor... and big government contracts/bailouts,
none of which tends to serve the general interests of the American people,
nor the United States as a whole.

The US Chamber of Commerce has also openly declared war on the Tea Party (alongside despicable serial loser Karl Rove) spending $50M to fight constitutional conservatives on ballots nationwide. With Common Core and mass amnesty pet issues that they support with real money, small wonder common-sense, Reaganite-type Americans have them all freaked out.

So good to see we've got people trying to run their lackey Lindsey Graham out-of-town in this year's primaries. With no less than four different Tea Party candidates highly motivated to replace him on the Hill, hopefully South Carolina conservatives will rally behind the strongest horse and end this foolish man's long and damaging career- here's the four coming at him so far:

Richard Cash (businessman)

Nancy Mace  (businessman, first female graduate of The Citadel)

Lee Bright (SC state senator)

Bill Connor (former SC Lt Gov candidate)

Good news: South Carolina is a primary runoff state, so the group of challengers simply need to chip-away-at-the-stone in unison in order to get the incumbent under 50% of the vote this June. This forces the race into a one-on-one battle between Graham and whoever tops the residual challengers,
so at this point in time, multiple conservative candidates is actually beneficial.

Still more good news: Graham garnered only 51% in the latest poll...
got Goober right were we want him, folks.


If conservatives could chase Graham and Boehner off into the woods for good this year, that should serve as an effective deterrent to McLame once it sinks-in to his ossified noggin precisely what awaits him if we feel forced to train the artillery on him in 2016... 

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