24 February 2014

Bosnia-Herzegovina: Conservative (Half Muslim) Country? That's What I Would Have Thought...

Earlier this month a young, female Bosnian judge was photographed from nearby offices working out and sunbathing in the nude on her office desk...

Once the above snapshot was handed to Sarajevo police, an internal investigation at the court building found her to be a justice on Bosnia's High Court(!) She was promptly fired when the image hit the newspapers and her identity revealed- but in Saudi Arabia they'd have boiled her in oil...

And they've got a dark/naughty sense of humor over there, too:
Three men die on Christmas Eve, an Englishman, an Italian and a Bosnian, and they all go to hell- where the Devil tells them they are in luck because the next day is a holiday and so they will be allowed to call home.
The Englishman (because this is a Bosnian joke has no family or friends) so he calls his dominatrix and for 40 hours they talk dirty sex. When he hangs up the Devil says, "That'll be 60 Euros." The Englishman protests, "Hey, I thought it was a holiday!" The Devil tells him, "It is, but that doesn't mean you don't have to pay." 
The Italian then calls -of course- his mother and he talks to her for more than hour about the family, life, cooking.
When he hangs up the Devil demans 130 Euros for the call, "What!" he protests, "You say we could call home." The Devil tells him, "Yeah, but I didn't say it was free. Pay up." And he did.
Then the Bosnian gets on the line, calls him home and talks to his mother, then his father, then his brothers and sisters, then all his cousins, then the aunts and uncles get on. He's on the phone for 4 hours.
When he's done, he hangs up and walks away.
Satan doesn't say a thing.
The Englishman and the Italian are outraged. "That's no fair, what the hell?" they protest. "How come we have to pay and he doesn't?"
The Devil looks at them and says,
"He called Bosnia- from here it's a local call."
Another one (re. rampant nepotism in government):
You know why there's no sex scandals in Bosnian political offices?
Because everybody in the building is related-

bosnian joke

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