25 February 2014

UK: Top Labour Party MP/Others Lobbied to
End 'Repression' of Pedophiles,
Lower Age of Consent to FOUR

Harriet Harman

Three British liberals are feeling the heat these days, as well they should: Harriet Harman (Deputy Leader of the Labour Party), her MP husband Jack Dromey, and former minister Patricia Hewitt have been found by a Daily Mail investigation to have supported and promoted the agenda of a group called the PIE (Pedophile Information Exchange) through the NCCL (National Council for Civil Liberties). All three were 'leading officials' of the NCCL in the 70s/80s, which worked for four years with the PIE, a group of shameless, predatory 
child-molesters who lobbied to lower the age of consent to just four years old...

The BBC stands accused of covering-up the story (like they did for their own Jimmy Savile) to protect the Labour Party, yet now even major liberal supporters like the Mirror and Observer have started to ask questions about how these three could have promoted such incredibly misguided initatives.

MP Jack Dromey

Ms Harman -the longest-serving female MP in the House of Commons/briefly Prime Minister in the wake of Gordon Brown's May 2010 resignation- and her PM husband are at the center of the controversy. Up until yesterday, they and Hewitt had stonewalled and refused to answer questions- but Harman/Dromey have finally broke the silence with a column in the Daily Mail dismissing their accusers as politically-motivated... no apologies... and zero shame.

But it's hard to dismiss evidence like this:

The Mail has revealed how, before they became MPs, the three were leading officials in the National Council for Civil Liberties (NCCL) which granted ‘affiliate’ status to PIE and built close links with it.

The group (PIE) of predatory paedophiles was calling for the age of consent to be cut to just four.

The NCCL itself lobbied Parliament for the age of sexual consent to be cut to ten – if the child ‘understood the nature of the act’ – and called for incest to be legalised in what one MP dubbed a ‘Lolita’s charter’...

Miss Hewitt described PIE – granted formal ‘affiliate’ status from 1975 to the mid-Eighties – in glowing terms as ‘a campaigning/counselling group for adults attracted to children’.

Or this:

One leaflet sent by PIE to MPs claimed: “Paedophiles are ordinary, decent, sensible human beings, no more sexually depraved than yourself, and with a capacity for loving and helping children which is at present being repressed.”

The organisation also submitted a report to MPs claiming that “girls as young as four months can achieve orgasm”, and that four-year-old children can “communicate verbally their consent to sex”.

Or this:

NCCL's own document argued that 'a person aged 14 or over should 
be legally capable of giving consent' and the age of sexual consent cut to ten 
'if the child understood the nature of the act'

Or this (column written by Hewitt):

And it gets worse: the liberal Labour government (Callaghan) that voters tossed in 1979 in favor of the Iron Lady had funded boy-lovers PIE with
'tens of thousands of pounds' of taxpayer money.

In 1976 the NCCL -with Harman’s husband Jack Dromey a top official- submitted to a document highly critical of proposed child-protection legislation, a bill both the NCCL and PIE fiercely opposed. They said it would only bring "absurd prosecutions". 

It purported that "Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in with an adult, result in no identifiable damage. The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage."

The NCCL also lobbied for incest to be entirely decriminalized.

Patricia Hewitt (who unlike Harman and Dromey is no longer a Labour Party politician) had worked to defend child pornography in the UK. As the NCCL’s legal officer, she authored the group's official response to the (1978) Protection of Children Bill, which sought to ban child pornography. But Hewitt said it would “increase censorship”, arguing a pornographic picture of a naked child should not be considered indecent unless it could be proven that the subject had suffered.

“Our amendment [to the proposed law] places the onus of proof on the prosecution to show that the child was actually harmed" she wrote.

The Daily Mail reports police are now investigating PIE/NCCL case
at long, long last.

May all three burn in Hell... after about 20-30 years of prison rape and beatings. Time for the guys in the funny wigs to take care of business over there, and for British liberals to take a good, long look at who they hop into the sack with (politically and otherwise).

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