11 February 2014

Despondent Obama BEGS Progs to Employ
Peer Pressure, Hound Friends + Relatives Into
Obamacare Enrollment 'by March 31st'

An increasingly desperate -and unpopular- Obama regime seems to be running out of the dumb luck that's gotten them way farther than was ever any good for this country...

With Obamacare itself unsuccessful by almost any measure -other than subjugation of the populace and big government expansion- the most fatal flaw would seem to be the ACA's widespread lack of appeal to those it needs the most... healthy young people who pay but make few claims.

After Pajama Boy failed to make much of an impact, now Dear Leader's asking his snake-fascinated true believers to inflict direct pressure on basically anybody they can trap in a corner, and now with a deadline:... this was sent out 10 minutes ago by the Barack Obama twitter account:  

Mr President, what do we do with recalcitrant sorts?

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