11 February 2014

Hidden in Latest (Unconstitutional) Obama Diktat: Employer Mandate Delay VOID if You Fire Workers or Even Dare to Cut Their Hours

As the country's first 'Imperial President' threatens to rule by Executive fiat and just simply run-over the Republicans' feckless leadership, he's also made clear he intends to continue ongoing, previous strategies (lie, obfuscate, and withhold) he's utilized thus far.
The latest example of unconstitutional+underhanded mischief from the habitually-dishonest Obama was unearthed by Megyn Kelly on Fox Monday night, when in the course of researching the ObamaCare Employer Mandate delay they found 'on one little nugget... under a mountain of new regulations': any employer who dare “reduce the size of its workforce or its overall hours of service of its employees' will NOT be eligible for the latest charitable blessing from Dear Leader.
She went on to report that employers will have to testify to this to an IRS agent, under oath.
See how this dictatorship works? Obama uses illegal orders to make things a free people SHOULD be able to do illegal... there is no way the president should be able to alter congressional legislation at his every and any whim, not even Soviet leaders did that (since Stalin).
But that's not all they came up with:. reading through the recent CBO report that exposed Obamacare as an employment black-hole, Fox News found a projection that says American workers fortunate enough to retain jobs will be taking what amounts to a 1% pay reduction from 2017 through 2024, as the 'Affordable Care Act' really sinks it's talons into the neck of our economy.
This amounts to a annual loss to American workers of $70 BILLION a year due to the costs of this deeply misguided and unconstitutional monstrosity...

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