11 February 2014

I Reckon We Can Get Rid of Boehner Soon-
but Replaced by Whom?

We first heard rumblings of an internal challenge to John Boehner's wholly-ineffective 'leadership' back in 2010: it was Eric Cantor who looked like he might make a move, tho he quickly backed-off any idea of snatching the Speaker's gavel when support didn't materialize. But Cantor -who seems to have accomplished little of 'conservative' substance on Capitol Hill- hasn't stopped working on his slow, quiet coup either...

Another obvious candidate some thought the Tea Party could get behind would be Paul Ryan ... but after his support for bad budget deals, open-borders-lite immigration legislation (since collapsed), ceaseless spying on US citizens, and the way he screwed-over disabled combat veterans, you really have to question this go-along-to-get-along Republican's judgement/leadership potential. And what exactly is conservative about Paul Ryan, anyway-  besides the haircut?

These Gee Oh Pee 'young guns' are actually squishy establishment tools that
-although slightly to the right of Boehner- cannot be counted-on to deliver anything resembling a 'Reagan revolution 2.0' as House Speaker... and that's the only sort of program that's ever going to right this listing ship. Both Ryan and Cantor have shown they're more than willing to abandon any principle to curry favor with the party's current Rothschild Republican establishment/donors... these two are NO revolutionaries, and they're not friends of the Tea Party.

So, who? Michelle Bachmann -who would have been my first choice- is not running for Congress in 2014. Darrell Issa could be a 'maybe'.
Jeb Hensarling? And I thought Patrick McHenry (NC) was a young buck on the way up... whatever happened to that?

Does Trey Gowdy have the stature? Seems to me not, although I have enjoyed some of his rants re. Benghazi, NSA, and IRS scandals.  And Gowdy hasn't been any sort of hero in the immigration battle (won by the right), either- instead, he was rather disappointing, and on the wrong side, actually.

Here's the list of the entire House Conservative Caucus- you tell me, yet most of them would probably be an improvement over John Boehner, who's so weak in dealing with the White House/Dems that you'd swear they have pictures of him drunk and in (tanning?) bed with farm animals.


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