20 February 2014

'House of Cards' Actress: Senior Obama Official
Told Me Reporters "Sleep with Sources"

An actress on the Netflix original (hit) series 'House of Cards' says that in the course of doing research for the show -a story about a fictitious congressman, staring Kevin Spacey, and based on a BBC miniseries-  she was told by a senior White House official that -as on the show- reporters DO sleep with their (married) sources... at least in this putrid regime.

Robin Wright
Robin Wright -who plays Claire Underwood, wife of Spacey's congressman character on the show- said that in the course of researching her role, she learned some surprising things (to her, anyway) about what goes on in D.C. 

According to Wright, a "senior persion: in the Obama administration told her that reporters sleep with their sources, among other things ($100 says it's Biden!).

Her conclusion?
"D.C. is more corrupt than Hollywood. It really is.
It’s more sleazy than Hollywood
- how much infidelity goes on." 

'Sleeping with sources' has been a theme in the plot of the show...

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