19 February 2014

Obama's Solution for Obscene 42+% Black Teenage Unemployment Rate? Price Them Completely
Out-of-the-Market w/$10 Min Wage!

CBO report says $10 minimum wage would zap 500,000+ jobs...

The guaranteed way of holding the poor, the minorities 
and the disenfranchised out of the mainstream is 
if you price their original services too high..." -Art Laffer

Although Rep Duncan Hunter (R-Ca) attmepted to floor a bill a couple years back that would have forced the (now politicized) US Labor Department to publish real unemployment numbers -ones that actually reflect the all-time-record number of Americans who have given up/left the labor force- we still can't believe a word from this vile regime, and have to settle for outside estimates to get some feel for reality...

To some it seems intentional... Dear Leader would prefer to see us all on welfare than gainfully employed - he likes his serfs fully dependent on government, and at his knees- even more so re. 'progressive' political base in the US inner-city. Obama's basically replacing jobs with entitlements...
that's what hopenchange is all about.

And while we can't prove Obama's intentions, according to Ronald Reagan's top economic mind (Art Laffer advised an administration that created over twenty million jobs) the likely results of Obama's Marxist policies are no mystery...
Mr Laffer's long called the minimum wage 'The Black Teenage Unemployment Act', and considers a 40% hike in the min. wage now proposed by the White House as just still more economic lunacy.

Ronald Reagan -and Art Laffer- delivered 6.8% growth in 1984... the highest in 50 years, going-on to add nearly 1/3 to US GDP by then end of his second term. This was the equivalent of the entire economy of West Germany -world's third largest then- being tacked on top of the existing American economy he 'inherited' from Jimmy Carter.

Why would anybody listen to this radical, incompetent, lying fool Barack Obama when he tells you his new left-wing issue-of-the-day won't cost us jobs, freedom, and American economic might? That's what he always says- instead, listen to somebody who's actually been successful at something economic other than buying a bag of 'choom'.

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