20 February 2014

'Zee Zee Top'

Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School Senior Prom (1970)

The legendary rock band -still unknown outside eastern Texas at the time- had signed a deal to play a small-town high school prom in Orange, Texas in late 1969, but had already been discovered and signed by London Records in the Spring of 1970, prior to the May event.

Dusty Hill, Frank Beard, and Billy Gibbons (then 20-21 y.o.) did attempt to get out of the contract, but the school couldn't scrape-up another band on such short notice... so ZZ Top -being the Christian Republicans and all-round good guys that they are- still did the gig. 

The story goes that outsiders were climbing through the windows, crashing the prom (class of approx 100 kids) however they could to sneak a glimpse...

dellesio   SelvedgeYard   Wikipedia   h/t Vince

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