07 May 2014

Like Putin Demonizes Ukraine to Excuse an Invasion,
Obama Readies US for Unjustified Executive Orders w/ 'Climate Change' B.S. Barrage

The Kremlin has RT-  our regime's got the AP:

A new government report on climate change emphasizes the here-and-now impact of global warming.
President Barack Obama discussed the report Tuesday and said the problems brought to the United States by climate change don't lie in the distant future. He cited increased flooding, greater vulnerability to drought and more severe wildfires. 
The National Climate Assessment is the third edition of a congressionally mandated study. It concludes that the assorted harms of climate change are expected to become increasingly disruptive across the United States throughout this century and beyond. 
The 840-page report says it's not too late to prevent the worst of climate change.The Obama administration is using the report to try to jump-start its efforts to curb heat-trapping gases blamed for global warming.

Ooohhh, are ya scared yet? Since 'the science is settled', all that's needed is a sense of urgency here in the middle of Dear Leader's year of action.

Alas, most intellectually honest people know that 'climate change' is a complete crock, basically just a back door way for statists to control private industry and wealth... but how to get through to those already brainwashed by this disingenuous tripe?

Here's how...

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