06 May 2014

Russians Importing CHECHENS
to Sew Further Chaos in Eastern Ukraine?

Today's combat in and near Slovyansk between Russian-backed insurgents and Ukranian military personnel resulted in 30 insurgent/terrorist dead, according to a Ukranian government statement...

But the interesting thing is that Chechen soldiers were amongst the 'rebels' killed in the battle for a key checkpoint north of the city- what the hell are they doing there?

Furthermore, local Ukrainians taped 'rebels' who just appeared manning another ('pro-Russian) checkpoint who were speaking a strange foreign language that was clearly not Slavic... 

Earlier reports also had some Transdniestrans -from a breakaway strip of Moldova that wants to be annexed by Russia- showing up amongst pro-Russian insurgents that the Kremlin still purports to be 'locals rising up to protect themselves'- please.

I will give this to Putin... he's throwing all he can into the battle for Ukraine, calling favors, bribing Ukrainian police, hiring common street thugs, online threats- everything but uniformed Russian military personnel, anyway.