06 May 2014

Ukraine's Desire to Turn Westward Surely Inspired by Neighbor Poland's Glittering Example...

Gdansk, Poland

If only Ronald Reagan -and Pope John Paul- were here to see what freedom and prosperity their little project has brought the Polish people over the last quarter-century now... but I think they're looking down with a smile.

Small wonder the Poles are more than ready to fight in order to defend their hard-won liberty (and booming economy) from the Russians... and why the Ukrainians have now said "Hey!- that's what we should have been doing for the last two lost decades..."

Warsaw, 2014

Suwałki Science and Technology Park

Suwałki conference center

188m UBS office tower (compl. 2016) 

Modern, efficient Polish factories assemble the FIAT 500, FIAT Panda,
Ford Ka II, and Lancia Ypsilon for pan-European consumption

1M FIAT 500s already produced at Tychy, Poland

Old Town Warsaw -leveled by the Nazis- has since
been painstakingly rebuilt brick-by-brick

The Polish Air Force is among the most modern in central Europe,
with three full squadrons of F-16s and a brand-new maintenance center

Poland has been rebuilding it's crumbling Soviet-era roads for 20 years...

While high-speed rail will link the 15 largest Polish cities by 2020

200kph+ Polish Pendolino train

'Miss World Poland 2014' is Ada Sztajerowska

the Warsaw Spiral (compl. 2015)

Poland is the only NATO country engaged in a serious military buildup

Polish troops fought bravely in Iraq

Anzac Day 2013, Warsaw

Poland's top military man Gen Mieczysław Cieniuch

Polish Land Forces on parade

elite GROM (anti-terrorist) unit-
Ukraine could sure use a few of these, too