30 June 2014

Obama Regime Conspired w/ Traitorous Israeli Left to Leak War Plans, Block (Overdue) Bombing of Iran

Canoodling with the enemy

In his final month as Israeli president, scarcely-relevent (leftist) Shimon Peres has given a TV interview were he defended Obama's abandonment of the world's only Jewish state to the hurry-up-and-get-'er-done Iranian nuclear program:
In an interview with Channel 10 ahead of his departure from the President’s office next month, Peres rejected the notion that Obama was a
“weak president” and lauded Obama’s efforts to strengthen US-Israeli ties. He said no other American president had been as receptive to Israel’s security concerns, nor taken as many steps to defend Israel in the international arena.

“What has he not done for Israel that was requested of him to do?”
Peres asked of Obama.
I dunno, Mr President... how bout an actual good-faith effort keep the
7th-century savages in Tehran away from hyper-powerful weapons as
they openly scheme to wipe the eevil Joooz from the face of the Earth? 

Air-head progs stroking each other

Alas, this sort of hollow cheerleading in the name of international socialist unity/agenda is typical of the sort- but Shimon Peres has been up-to a lot more than just burying his head in the sand re. existential threats while sugarcoating the serial foreign-policy failures of the Obama regime:
try active conspiracy with the White House to undermine, block, and otherwise obstruct Bibi Netanyahu -the elected commander-in-chief of Israel- from defending against an lethal threats and carrying out the nation's foreign policy by constitutional means: s
ounds like treason on the Israeli side, and rancid Chicago-style politics on the US side... what else is new:
Peres’s legacy will be Iran’s nuclear arsenal.

For years, many Israelis as well as Israel’s supporters in the US, the Sunni Arab states in the Persian Gulf and even the French have been scratching their heads wondering why Israel hasn’t struck Iran’s nuclear installations yet.
 Over the past few months, we received our answer.
The ongoing police investigation into allegedly illegal conduct by then-IDF Chief of Staff Lt.- Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi has revealed the source of Israel’s paralysis.
Apparently led by Peres, the triumvirate of security chiefs serving between 2008 and 2011 ... colluded to undermine Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s and then-defense minister Ehud Barak’s legal authority to order Israel’s security forces to take action against Iran.
According to a Haaretz report on Wednesday, between 2008 and 2011, the four men leaked plans and discussions of possible Israeli strikes on Iran to the media in order to prevent them from being carried out. The four men opposed an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear installations and stridently rejected any Israeli operation not coordinated with the US.
Ashkenazi and his associates are being investigated by the police for crimes associated with criminal insubordination to Israel’s elected leadership...
Luckily for Israel, they're about to get a new president on July 27th who actually knows what country he represents (I'm jealous)... hopefully it's
not already too late for the IDF to
'reset' Iran.

So any talk about how Barack Obama is some 'friend' or dependable ally of Israel -like the tripe we're hearing from Shimon Perez lately- can be dismissed as intentionally misleading BS from self-serving/political people who are allied with Obama or the international socialist left in some way. Like Israel's weasel president, for instance.

Back in reality, John Bolton was right, Obama/Jarrett are blatantly pro-Iran, and the current US president is one of the worst enemies Israel has
ever seen
... and that's saying something.

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