01 July 2014

Homely/Bizarre Soviet-Era Vehicles:
They Waited TEN Years for THIS?

Ah, the fruits of socialism: if only we'd allow Dear Leader 
unbridled power, I just know he could make everything better...

NAMI 013 prototype: existing photos of Soviet Wienermobile rare,
and perhaps that's for the better

IZH 2125 Combi- from the same nice folks who brought you the AK-47

Beat hard with an ugly stick: IZH 2125

MAZ 541: strange hybrid/mutant utilized as airplane tug

Moskovitch 2142: styling seems 'exaggerated early 80s American',
but they actually still produced these ghastly things through MY 2002

Ukrainian-built LUAZ resembles a miniature Pinzgauer


Moskvich PT: designed to be an unsightly -yet practical- Moscow taxi

ZAZ 968: Ukrainian-built 2-cylinder lovingly known as 'Zaporozhets' in USSR

ZIL-49061 'Bluebird': step-aside komrade! 

Invalidka was a special car with hand controls to mobilize
-and comprehensively humiliate- disabled people-

Moskvich 408 Tourist (not 'shopped!)

What Has 8 Wheels, 2 Engines, No Doors... and can float?

RAF Latvija

RAF 10 Latvija prototype- not really much of an improvement

This one's not half bad

Nuttier than squirrel poop

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