23 June 2014

Photos of McCain Yukking-it-Up with ISIS Rebels, Rand Paul Says It's WE Who Armed Them

Your tax dollars -and international credibility- pissed-away on ISIS

Then there's this one ISIS just posted on their website:
The guy in the mustache/striped shirt posting with McCain is
General Salim Idris, who was the Free Syrian Army's Chief of Staff
at the time. 
An East German-trained electronics professor, he was a general in the Syrian Army under Assad when he defected to the rebels in July 2012. Idris was thought by McCain to represent the moderate elements of Syria's armed opposition, who subscribed to the pro-democracy Proclamation of Principles.
But ISIS kicked him -and other 'moderates'- out and went on the savage offensive we all now are witnessing.
The ISIS claims that the men on that photo fight with them in Iraq now...
And while I usually give little merit the isolationist foreign policy musings of Rand Paul -and even less the old man- he had a pretty good point on CNN Sunday morning:
Why listen to him this time? Because Susan Rice already let the cat
out of the bag
two weeks ago...

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